Blue Economy Summer Series

Dive deeper into the blue economy

We are excited to announce the Blue Economy Summer Series, an educational speaker series focused on exploring the opportunities and challenges in Maine’s emerging blue economy. Maine’s blue economy is growing and diversifying yet many people don’t know all that comprises this sector and its potential impact on Maine’s economy and communities. Each event will offer an in-depth look at innovations that are addressing global ocean challenges from the perspective of economic development experts, scientists, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and more.

Our Focus

  • Build public awareness on different verticals in the blue economy and highlight the breadth of work happening in the Gulf of Maine.
  • Engage interested investors not familiar with opportunities in the blue economy.

This lecture series is part of our Gulf of Maine Ventures strategic initiative, which harnesses the scientific, technical, and solution-oriented expertise of GMRI and our partners to advance innovation in the blue economy.

This series is supported by funding from the Economic Development Administration, Builders Initiative, and Eaton Peabody.

What to Expect:

  • New venues: This series will highlight and take place at partner institutions and organizations that are helping build a blue economy innovation ecosystem here in Maine.
  • Interactive sessions: This public event is an opportunity to explore blue economy industry sectors and innovations that are addressing GMRI’s Global Ocean Challenges, including seafood sustainability, healthy ocean ecosystems, and climate change.
  • Internal and external speakers: Each event will feature a mix of GMRI staff voices and external experts — including economic development specialists, scientists, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs — to provide a rich, multifaceted dialogue.
  • Reception with refreshments: Join us for refreshments during a brief reception before and after the program. Enjoy complimentary beverages and the chance to connect with fellow attendees and presenters.
  • Tickets for sale: We’re asking for attendees to purchase tickets for $8 ahead of time, or $10 at the door.

Staff Contact

Megan Banner Sutherland
Megan Banner Sutherland Ventures Operations Associate (207) 772-2321 1793 [email protected]

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