Culinary Partners

Fostering a community of restaurants committed to local seafood.

Restaurants sell an estimated 70% of seafood consumed in the United States. GMRI is proud to partner with area restaurants to promote responsibly harvested seafood from fishermen and purveyors in the Gulf of Maine. They have committed to always having Gulf of Maine seafood on their menus, educating their staff on seafood sustainability, and continually improving the sustainability of their operations.

Project Goals:

  • Enable informed decision making by providing transparent, science-based information on Gulf of Maine seafood to chefs and restaurant staff.
  • Broaden consumer knowledge of and support for sustainable local seafood.
  • Motivate and reward restaurant environmental sustainability initiatives.
  • Create a community of restaurateurs committed to local, sustainable seafood.

Shared Commitment:

Culinary Partners share a commitment to supporting responsibly harvested seafood from the Gulf of Maine and improving the overall sustainability of their businesses.

More specifically, Culinary Partners commit to the following:

  • Always offering Gulf of Maine seafood on the menu.
  • Educating themselves and their customers about seafood sustainability.
    • Staying up to date on Gulf of Maine fisheries and aquaculture issues through educational resources and events from GMRI.
    • Share seafood sourcing and sustainability information with customers.
  • Improving the sustainability of their operations.
    • Setting and working towards annual goals to minimize their environmental footprint (e.g., transitioning to biodegradable cleaning supplies; starting a recycling and/or compost program; increasing use of clean energy).

GMRI provides Culinary Partners access to:

  • Events including GMRI-hosted workshops, campaigns, and GMRI’s annual Seafood Celebration
  • Educational materials and information (including a monthly e-newsletter, species information cards, and one-on-one advising from available GMRI staff).
  • Public visibility on GMRI’s website, social media, and earned media outlets.
  • A community of restaurateurs who have a common interest in sustainable seafood and local sourcing.
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As you plan where to have your next meal out, please consider visiting one of these culinary leaders and enjoying Gulf of Maine seafood.

Staff Contact

Adam Baukus
Adam Baukus Sustainable Seafood Project Manager (207) 228-1691 [email protected]

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