Local Seafood in Schools

Tidings | Sep 7, 2022

Our Sustainable Seafood team recognizes seven school districts that met their pledges to serve local seafood in their cafeterias.

Several seafood-centric signs sit on tables, including taste test result sings where orange stickers sit under the phrases "I love it", "It was okay", and "Not for me". A big redfish poster sits center frame.

As part of a two-year effort, seven New England school districts set and achieved local seafood pledges with the support of our Sustainable Seafood team. This Sea to School initiative provided healthy, local seafood to over 20,000 students from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Participating districts faced staffing, supply, and budget challenges. Many had not served local seafood before. Our staff helped schools navigate these challenges to meet their goals by offering a Sea to School Resource Hub and hosting taste test events to help students learn the benefits of eating local seafood. According to taste test surveys from six schools, 76% of students said they loved the local fish offered in their cafeterias.

“In Vermont, our students have less exposure to the seacoast and the traditions of commercial fishing. Most of the fish they have seen on their lunch trays come as little breaded logs or as tuna fish sandwiches. Now they are trying and loving baked pollock and dogfish!”

Karyl Kent Director of School Nutrition

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