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Climate Center

Climate change poses an existential threat to coastal communities as we know them.

Our climate center supports local, state, national, and global climate actions that will empower coastal communities to thrive in a warmer world. This interdisciplinary center leverages the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's unique mix of science, education, and community expertise to provide forward-looking leadership.

We deliver climate services that advance the following goals:

  • Empowering coastal communities with localized data and strategies to address their climate risks.
  • Mobilizing business leaders to develop climate solutions in the private sector.
  • Helping fishermen and fisheries managers identify climate-resilient strategies for the future.
  • Leveraging innovative financial tools and information to turn climate knowledge into action.

Climate Center Projects

In the context of a warmer world, the past is no longer a reliable indicator of the future. Explore our pursuit of forward-looking climate solutions.

Dr. Dave Reidmiller introduces the Climate Center at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.
A boat moves from left to right as the sunset turns the sky behind it orange and bird silhouettes dot the sky.

Exploring the Viability of Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Solutions

Dr. Dave Reidmiller, Climate Center Director at GMRI, and Brady Bohrmann, Managing General Partner at our partner investment fund, Bold Ocean Ventures Fund, outline both the risks and potential opportunities of this new field by responding to some of the major questions related to ocean-based CDR.

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