Sea State Series

Creating space for important conversations

We’re pleased to have relaunched Sea State, our series featuring expert speakers on topics central to the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and economy. Since 2006, we’ve invited scientists, seafood experts, fishermen, and others to lead these important conversations.

This event is focused on:

  • Providing the public with opportunities to have conversations with a wide range of experts from different fields.
  • Keeping our communities engaged with and informed about the Gulf of Maine.

Along with the physical changes to the space, we’ve updated the learning experience for attendees to make it less formal and more interactive. That means we’ll break from the traditional lecture style to incorporate more small-group discussion and other interactive elements.

Here are some other important changes:

  • Repeat sessions: In the past, we’ve featured a series of separate presentations from guest lecturers. This time around, we’re going to offer several instances of the same presentations and group discussions, to help make the discussions accessible to a larger audience. That means you’ll likely want to choose one session per series, rather than attending them all.
  • Internal and external speakers: Rather than relying entirely on a single speaker, we’ll feature a GMRI staff voice alongside one of our many partners — including fishermen, aquaculture farmers, scientists, fisheries managers, educators and others. We hope to provide a useful framework for understanding important issues related to the Gulf of Maine and some perspective from the partners we engage with on those issues.
  • Reception with refreshments: Enjoy refreshments during a brief reception just before the program begins. Guests will enjoy complimentary beverages and have a brief opportunity to connect prior to the event.
  • Tickets for sale: We’re asking for attendees to purchase tickets for $8 ahead of time, or $10 at the door. The price of the tickets will help pay for an improved space and program experience.

Staff Contact

Brenda Downs
Brenda Downs Donor Engagement Specialist (207) 228-1699 [email protected]