Sustainable Seafood Program

Our Sustainable Seafood program supports economic and ecologic sustainability.

We work with industry leaders across the supply chain to build market demand and empower consumers to find and buy Gulf of Maine seafood. We work with retailers, restaurants, seafood dealers, fishermen, and other stakeholders — all committed to shared goals through our program.

Sustainable Seafood Projects

Explore our Sustainable Seafood projects below to see what we are doing to boost the local seafood economy and conserve our ecosystems.

  • Trawl to Table

    Trawl to Table

    Trawl to Table workshops bring together players from throughout the seafood supply chain to learn and share information. The workshops dig into the challenges and …

  • Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested®

    Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested®

    The Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested® label is a promise that seafood hails from the clean, cool waters of the Gulf of Maine and the …

  • Culinary Partners

    Culinary Partners

    GMRI is proud to partner with area restaurants to promote responsibly harvested seafood from fishermen and purveyors in the Gulf of Maine. They have committed …

  • Fishery Improvement Projects

    Fishery Improvement Projects

    Fishery improvement projects (FIPs) use the power of the private sector to drive changes in a fishery. These projects are a unique example of seafood …

  • Sustainable Seafood Consultation

    Sustainable Seafood Consultation

    GMRI offers consultation to businesses committed to responsible seafood sourcing but that have yet to implement a robust sourcing policy. With a perspective on global …

  • Improving Seafood Quality

    Improving Seafood Quality

    Our goal is to implement a suite of region-wide quality handling improvements to boost the market demand and value for seafood harvested by New England …

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Program Team

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  • Five Steps To Support Local Seafood

    Five Steps To Support Local Seafood

    As COVID-19 has spread across the world, our country, and now New England, it has left no part of the economy untouched. Small businesses, especially, …


  • Building Demand for Local Seafood

    Building Demand for Local Seafood

    The ability of coastal communities to thrive in the coming years will depend in large part on our ability to grow a diverse seafood economy. …


  • Trawl to Table: Climate Impacts

    Trawl to Table: Climate Impacts

    In November, we hosted our newest session of Trawl to Table — a seafood industry workshop that convenes fishermen, seafood dealers, restaurants, and institutions involved …


  • Celebrating Two Seafood Champions

    Celebrating Two Seafood Champions

    Both campuses now source 100% of their fresh white fish (a category that includes haddock, pollock, cod, and other flaky, white fish) through GMRI’s Gulf …