We advance our mission across all our commitments through a variety of projects designed to serve and support our stakeholders. Search and explore hundreds of projects to learn more about our on-the-ground impacts in the Gulf of Maine and beyond.

  • Scientist To Go

    Scientist To Go

    Our Scientist To Go program connects students with a wide range of scientists to learn about real, ongoing scientific research, scientific career paths, and more.

  • Findings from the Field Student Symposium

    Findings from the Field Student Symposium

    Each year, we host students from Maine and New Hampshire who come together at GMRI to share their research findings and scientific observations.

  • Findings from the Field

    Findings from the Field

    A unique opportunity for students to engage in critical elements of the scientific process: the writing, peer review, and publication of results.

  • Blue Economy Summer Series

    Blue Economy Summer Series

    The Blue Economy Summer Series is an educational speaker series focused on exploring the opportunities and challenges in Maine’s emerging blue economy.

  • Climate Financing Program

    Climate Financing Program

  • FishSCORE2030 Events

    FishSCORE2030 Events

    Explore and register for upcoming FishSCORE2030 events.

  • Supporting Resilience

    Supporting Resilience

    Delve into the many resources and tools available to help fisheries stakeholders strengthen and manage climate resilience.

  • Offshore Wind Resource Hub

    Offshore Wind Resource Hub

    This resource hub will offer diverse stakeholders unbiased and current information and tools to help them contribute constructively and effectively to discussions about offshore wind …

  • Blue w(AI)ve Accelerator

    Blue w(AI)ve Accelerator

    The Blue wAIve program is the first-of-its-kind 16-week accelerator based out of Maine. We focus on early-stage companies leveraging artificial intelligence in ocean-based solutions.

  • In the Path of Totality: Eclipse 2024!

    In the Path of Totality: Eclipse 2024!

    For the first time since 1963, and not again until 2044, the northeast will be in the path of totality of a solar eclipse and …

  • Gulf of Maine Tastemakers

    Gulf of Maine Tastemakers

    Tastemakers are like-minded businesses and institutions that are committed to supporting local coastal communities by putting local seafood front and center

  • Tracing Seafood Back to the Gulf of Maine

    Tracing Seafood Back to the Gulf of Maine

    GMRI works directly with seafood suppliers in the middle of the supply chain, collecting third party traceability information and licensing suppliers to use the Gulf …