We advance our mission across all our commitments through a variety of projects designed to serve and support our stakeholders. Search and explore hundreds of projects to learn more about our on-the-ground impacts in the Gulf of Maine and beyond.

  • South Portland Sea-to-School

    South Portland Sea-to-School

    We are partnered with the South Portland School Nutrition Program and the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association to establish a model for a comprehensive sea-to-school program …

  • Municipal Climate Action Program

    Municipal Climate Action Program

    The Municipal Climate Action Program (MCAP) engages coastal communities to support better understanding of local sea level rise impacts and provide them with knowledge, skills, …

  • Findings from the Field

    Findings from the Field

    A unique opportunity for students to engage in critical elements of the scientific process: the writing, peer review, and publication of results.

  • LabVenture


    Each year, GMRI hosts nearly 10,000 Maine middle schoolers in its LabVenture program — a hands-on, interactive, authentic investigation of current research on the Gulf …

  • Supporting Resilience

    Supporting Resilience

    Delve into the many resources and tools available to help fisheries stakeholders strengthen and manage climate resilience.

  • Managing Change

    Managing Change

    Download reports and learn about the broader factors and processes to consider to help put adaptation into action.

  • Planning for Change

    Planning for Change

    Download reports and explore different actions and strategies across multiple scales for fishing communities to consider in their adaptation planning.

  • Understanding Climate Hazards

    Understanding Climate Hazards

    Examine some of the current and future trends in climate hazards affecting Northeast US fisheries.

  • Understanding the Problem and Setting Goals

    Understanding the Problem and Setting Goals

    Consider the reasons for and importance of adaptation planning for your community.

  • Climate Adaptation Resource Hub for Fishing Communities

    Climate Adaptation Resource Hub for Fishing Communities

    We are working to support informed decision making in fisheries responding to climate change by combining community-specific information on climate-driven shifts of marine species with …

  • Arctic Warming and the Lobster Fishery

    Arctic Warming and the Lobster Fishery

    Arctic warming and melting sea ice are altering ocean circulation patterns in the Northwest Atlantic, affecting the distribution and abundance of lobster — an important …

  • Sea to School

    Sea to School

    One of our sustainable seafood team’s goals is to increase the amount of local seafood served in public school cafeterias across New England. This work …