We advance our mission across all our commitments through a variety of projects designed to serve and support our stakeholders. Search and explore hundreds of projects to learn more about our on-the-ground impacts in the Gulf of Maine and beyond.

  • Blue w(AI)ve Accelerator

    Blue w(AI)ve Accelerator

    The Blue wAIve program is the first-of-its-kind 16-week accelerator based out of Maine. We focus on early-stage companies leveraging artificial intelligence in ocean-based solutions.

  • Science Communication Training

    Science Communication Training

    We've launched a world-class, joint science communication training program in partnership with the University of Southern Maine. The program teaches undergraduate students how to effectively …

  • BlueTech Boost Incubator Program

    BlueTech Boost Incubator Program

    The BlueTech Boost program is a 10-week incubator designed to assist early-stage startup founders in overcoming challenges and achieving milestones.

  • Sustainable Seafood Consultation

    Sustainable Seafood Consultation

    GMRI offers consultation to businesses committed to responsible seafood sourcing but that have yet to implement a robust sourcing policy. With a perspective on global …

  • Blue Economy Innovation Corridor

    Blue Economy Innovation Corridor

    We are combining the technical expertise of GMRI with business formation and support services to forge a pathway for Blue Economy entrepreneurs and start ups, …

  • Scallop Aquaculture Initiative

    Scallop Aquaculture Initiative

    In January 2021, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the University of Maine, and Coastal Enterprises, Inc. convened to form the Scallop Aquaculture Initiative (SAI), …

  • New England Marine Monitoring

    New England Marine Monitoring

    New England Marine Monitoring is an electronic monitoring (EM) services company that provides video review, on-vessel technical support, and program design service to New England …

  • True Fin: Premium Gulf of Maine Seafood

    True Fin: Premium Gulf of Maine Seafood

    True Fin was founded to realize the maximum potential for seafood from the New England region.

  • Fishery Improvement Projects

    Fishery Improvement Projects

    Fishery improvement projects (FIPs) use the power of the private sector to drive changes in a fishery. These projects are a unique example of seafood …